We know that in order for this movement to take shape we are trusting in our great and powerful God for 1000s of miracles.  To keep up with prayer specific prayer needs, attend our vision and prayer meetings or travel with us for prayer trips, join the prayer team below.


Our goal is to raise $1.2 mil over the next 4 years in order to launch strong and build a life giving healthy church that is poised to reproduce future churches throughout New England. Please partner with us financially through regular giving over the next four years or by giving a one-time gift.


The power of your connections cannot be underestimated. This will be one of the greatest ways that Colin and Liz will be supported. Connect them with people you may know in the New England area that could possibly be part of their support structure when they hit the ground. And we invite you to connect them with churches and individuals that could help them launch strong.


In following Jesus, there are times when he calls us lay down our nets and follow him. We know that God is calling people to step into the adventure of their lives by joining the launch team. Consider spending 1 or 2 years living in Greater Boston and allow God to use your life in getting this movement started.

If you are feeling the nudge to join the moment, please get in touch with us.  We would love to keep up with you on the journey and help you take your next step.





The Harfields are partnering with Stadia, a church planting organization that has successfully launched hundreds of churches in America, which will bring resources and support to their vision. Stadia has designed systems and personnel that support the church planter and the new church. This includes  project management, financial controls, coaching, training, and family support.

One of the key and most attractive features of the Stadia system is the management team that surrounds the new church planters for the first few years. This is made up of veteran church leaders from five or six of the financially supportive churches who have also committed to spend regular time with the church planters.


Kensington Church—with eight campuses in the Detroit metropolitan area, Orlando and northern Michigan—is the sending church for the Harfields. This will be Kensington’s 56th church plant. In addition to Kensington's partnership, Colin and Liz are currently meeting with churches in Michigan, in New England, and around the country that are excited about what they are doing. These churches are in the process of prayerfully considering their support to start a new work in the Greater Boston region.