Having met while doing evangelism in high schools in Britain in the early '90s, Colin and Liz have been involved in leading the church to impact their communities for over 20 years. They started their married life by serving together in youth ministry in the south east of England before they made the move across the pond to Detroit where Colin was a pastor at Rockpointe Community Church in Sterling Heights for 12 years. There they built a passionate worship ministry and designed services especially to reach people far from God. For the past 6 years, they have both served on the staff of Kensington Church being catalysts for discipleship. Through launching the Alpha course, over 2000 skeptics and new believers have had a place to ask questions and wrestle through the what it means to be a Christian. Through developing and leading Kensington’s internship program, 100s of emerging leaders have been equipped and mobilized for effective ministry.

Colin holds a master's degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and Liz has a MA in Organizational Leadership from Biola University.

Lead Planters

Colin & Liz Harfield

Our church planting story

From the very beginning of their relationship, Colin and Liz have shared a passion for the local church and have been invested in leading people outside the church and within the church to find and follow Jesus.  They have always wondered if God would call them to start a new church, and have been waiting for the timing and location to become clear. 


During the summer of 2014, Colin read an article published by Barna research that gripped him and he thought about it every day.  The article ranked the 100 cities on being “Bible-minded," and 5 of the 6 least Bible-minded cites were all in New England. Colin prayed daily for the people of New England to find Jesus.  He found himself bringing up this statistic in conversation with people and felt passionately that someone needed to do something to reach those in New England with God's love.  As of yet, he and his family had not ever been nor did they know anyone in that part of the country.


Colin and Liz began feeling a restless with the conviction that God was transitioning them to lead a new community of people who are far from Him. Like in the Parable of the Lost Sheep in Matthew 18, they felt that God was challenging them to leave the 99 in order to seek after the 1 who was lost.  God led their hearts and minds to New England again–the 1 of 100.


Their first visit to New England confirmed the great need for healthy churches in that part of the country.  Although they encountered some vibrant, healthy communities, the 'gaps' between them were vast and disheartening. A visit to a Barnes and Noble bookstore one afternoon gave them a tangible example of the spiritual landscape: in the huge rack of books on spirituality, none were on Christianity. There were books on the occult, new age, witchcraft, and other forms of spiritual darkness. When they found the books on Christianity, the amount, by contrast, was unimpressive. People were seeking spirituality, but not finding Jesus –the only One who can meet our spiritual needs.

Through much prayer, research, exploration, and wise counsel, Colin and Liz believe that God has clearly and boldly called them to serve his Kingdom by taking new ground in New England through a church-planting moment that will begin in Boston. Colin and Liz believe the local church is one of God’s most vital tools in bringing transformation to individuals and entire communities.


Colin and Liz have been married for 21 years and have three children.  Eden 16, Elise 13 and Micah 11.