Mikey and Brittany have a strong love for New England and are so excited to be joining the staff of Anthem Church. They met at Kensington Church in Michigan and have both worked in various children’s ministry, youth ministry, and worship arts roles throughout the past eight years. Brittany holds a BA in elementary education from Spring Arbor University and Mikey a BA in classical voice from Oakland University. They love hosting family and friends, going on lunch dates, cleaning/organizing (yes this is fun for them), watching The Office, and most of all spending time with their one year old, Eden, and golden doodle, Finn.

Kimball FAQ

In what roles will you serve with Anthem Church?

We’re joining staff as the worship arts director & youth director (Mikey) and children’s ministry director (Brittany).

What led to the decision to join the Anthem Church movement?
Mikey: Well, the number one reason is that we care about people who think God is irrelevant, who think Jesus Christ is just a footnote in history. We want people to know that following Him is truly worth your life and that in Him a person can truly find their purpose. Personally, for me, this decision came after a 2-year period of learning to let God lead my career choices. I’ve said yes to several job opportunities that terrified me, only to have God give me innumerable blessings and joys through them. After seeing that happen over and over, I was like, “Okay God. I’m in. You can decide where I work, you can decide where I live, from now on.”
Brittany: That’s when Colin and Liz asked us to consider joining their team. For me, I had been yearning for more purpose in my profession, since it is something that takes up so much of one’s time and energy. I had become very comfortable in the marketing position I have held for the past 2.5 years. I felt that even though that role was right for the season we were in, if God called me into something deeper, I would be ready and excited for it. We’ve also found a lot of peace in the fact that we both heard from God about this decision. It’s not one of us dragging the other into it, we are both all in and excited for our family to be on this mission together.

Where are you from and what ministry experience do you have?
Mikey: I grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan (a Detroit suburb) and over the last 6 years I have worked in youth ministry, worship arts, live production, local school outreach, and music teaching. Most of this was through Kensington Church, a multi-campus church in southeastern Michigan.
Brittany: That’s where we met and got married. I grew up in Troy, Michigan, right down the street from Kensington Church, which I started attending in high school. After college, I worked in children’s ministry, elementary education, and digital marketing over a period of 8 years.

Why Boston?
Mikey: To sum it up, we care about people who are far from God and New England has many such people! I encourage anyone reading this to click on the “Why, How & When” and “Harfields” webpages on this site to read about the spiritual needs of this community.
Brittany: One Barna study ranked 100 cities in the U.S. on how “Bible-minded” they were, and 5 of the 6 least Bible-minded cities were all in New England. Another study found that 60% of people in Massachusetts are disillusioned with the church. We believe that the local church can be a place of community, belonging, life-change, and deeper purpose, and we want people to experience this!

What are your timeline and Fundraising needs?
We have a goal to raise $120,000 to cover a portion of our salaries over the next 3 years. We are asking people to join us on this mission as we take part in starting a new church in the greater Boston area. We hope to have raised a significant amount of this before we move in August.  We begin preview services in the community in August and will be meeting weekly as a new church in Mid-October.

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